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Sustainable Tourism and Carbon Emission Reduction

Offsetters Certified Carbon Neutral Business 2016-2017Luxury Travel Guide has selected us for Canadian Sustainable Tour Operator of the Year 2017

The nomination came from one of our amazing guests! We have no idea who. Thank you to everyone who has toured with us, supported us or referred to us.

Offsetters Certified Carbon Neutral Business 2016-2017Ogopogo Tours has been audited and certified Carbon Neutral by Offsetters, purchasing carbon credits supporting projects including the Great Bear Rain Forest Carbon Project. According to our research, we are the first certified carbon neutral wine tour company in Canada! Achieving carbon neutrality comes near the end of a long journey, and begins an even longer, more sustainable journey.

Gold Award Green Tourism CanadaGreen Tourism Canada has awarded us with a Gold rating in environmental management and corporate social responsibility. Our actions include donating services to local charities, launching the first hybrid tour vehicle in the Okanagan and achieving carbon neutrality while protecting forests in old growth forests. Sustainable Tourism is our driving force, while providing guests with our personalized “Ogopogo-Style” service.

At first glance, a tour operator may not seem very "Green", in fact most are not. To begin to look at savings, a group tour in a van or even minibus generally reduces emissions when compared to those same guests driving 1-4 people in their own cars. Our largest van use roughly the fuel of 2 average vehicles, yet we carry up to 14 guests. In addition, a well planned guide with professional driver/guide can save substantial fuel and emissions. It is not uncommon to see "self-driving" wine tours driving all over town trying to find a specific winery. Summerland in particular has many twists and turns, making it not simple to navigate from winery to winery if you don't know the area.

As Sustainable Tour Operator of the Year – Canada (2017), our Climate Action Plan is to reduce our consumption, emissions and waste by:

  • Using the "Right-Size" vehicle, including the first hybrid tour vehicle in the Okanagan and the lowest emission 14 passenger van available.

  • Plans to work towards an all electric fleet

  • Tracking emissions, meeting reduction targets and purchasing carbon credits to become the First Certified Carbon Neutral Wine Tour Operator in Canada.

  • Adhering to Anti-Idling guidelines from Idle-Free BC.

  • Extensive recycling program in the office and on the road.

  • Buying local goods and services whenever possible, including using a supplier map.

  • Showcasing sustainability initiatives within our community including organic farming.

  • Emissions audit and Gold Award with Green Tourism Canada, for sustainable actions and community service.

  • 10% of our revenue is donated to within the community.

  • Assisting people in developing nations including Uganda Efficient Wood Stoves Project, and providing micro-loans assisting organic farmers in 10 different countries through Kiva.org.

  • Darren has been appointed by council to serve on Summerland’s Community Climate Action Advisory Committee.


If you have questions or comments about our sustainability initiatives please call or email us!